Surveillance System Analysis
Surveillance System Analysis
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Analysis of Complex Surveillance Systems

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Guide to the methodology
Access an on-line comprehensive guide providing all the required background to stochastic scenario tree modelling and details on how to undertake analysis of complex surveillance systems and assessment of multiple data sources to provide evidence of freedom from disease. You can also:
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User's Manual
This provides a step-by-step guide to using the on-line software to build, edit, run and interpret the results of a stochastic scenario tree model.
General Information
Information about upcoming training courses, publications, examples of analyses performed, software downloads, links etc.
Project Credits
Many people and organisations contributed to this work. This page lists some of them.
Documentation Index
Full PmWiki Documentation
MimeTex Manual
Formula (MimeText) Documentation
Symbol Guide
Guide to Greek letters and other symbols
The recommended citation for the software on this site is:

Sergeant ESG, Cameron, AR, Hutchison, JM, Martin, PAJ (2009): Scenario trees to quantify freedom from disease. Web-based software accessed at

Important Note
The Manual and Guide on this web site are built using a Wiki system, enabling multiple users to progressively modify and improve the documentation. Authorised users are invited to improve and extend the documentation as they see fit. For more information on page formats and editing see the editing instructions.
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